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Smuggler’s Cove - HIdden Gem in San Francisco

Saturday, October 19. 2013

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If you are in love with having a good time - yes, Smuggler’s Cove is your bar of choice. But if you are in love with rum, this place is sheer heaven-sent. The bar offer you the chance to see and experience rum with a whole new approach. Featuring an interesting number of ways to enjoying traditional, modern and classic ways to mixing rum with other liquor, I am sure you are going to be more than a few steps ahead of your friends when your vacation in San Francisco is over. 

And make no mistake about this either....the locals who frequent the bar are extremely proud of their ways of partying. They have right off taken tricks from legendary Tiki bars and used them to their own liberation in the form of modern mix and new drinks. The mixers share a deep passion for rum and thinks that there is no other drink like rum because there is so much diversity in the drink. And we, obviously, agree after a quick visit to check out what they have to offer and what everyone is raving on about. 
What was really impressive was the large selection of rare and vintage rum that they have in store that is proudly shown off in the cabinets in what they call ‘The Vault’. A club of rum-lovers have set up a private exclusive club called The Rumbustion which lets like-minded people connect with each other or even share experiences and recipes found when they travel and traverse across the world. 
Believe it or not, over the years that they have been in business, they have earned themselves a reputation of using only premium products for their drinks and one of the bartenders even told us that some of the drinks were completely homemade. We were properly impressed, of course. No other (or very few if there were others) bars that we have ever been to have confessed to using home brews. 
To keep things fresh and interesting, Smuggler’s Cove encourages its patrons to experiment and try out a new drink every now and then which resulted in a special ‘punch card’. Once the patron have gone through the entire menu, they will receive a proud badge that they can boast off to the rest of the customers. 
At first, we wanted to try out luck by selecting our own preferred brew based on the interesting names given to the drinks and on the second round, we asked for a recommendation. Needless to say, the waiters knew their thing and the second drink we got was obviously...much better. 
Smuggler’s Cove is located at 650 Gough Street, San Francisco and it is open everyday from 5pm till late into the morning.

Morgan's Wonderland (San Antonio)

Saturday, October 12. 2013

 Morgan's Wonderland is an excellent alternative to other more popular theme parks for a very good reason – less crowds, shorter lines and similarly thrilling rides. Some San Antonio party bus rental customers prefer Morgan's to other theme parks because it is one of the few completely accessible to children with special needs or physically-challenged kids. The staff and volunteers are so warm, friendly and incredibly friendly all the time, it makes you feel like this is a family park.

Perfect for those planning a party of event
Not only is there ample parking spots for visitors, the team behind the park are excellent at organizing events and parties. Aside from planning parties for little kids, the theme park is also suitable for family and corporate excursions as well. With so much space and proper planning, we are sure the event is going to be a smooth sailing one.
Suitable for everyone, including those with special needs
The great thing about the park is that it may have been designed specifically for those with special needs, others will also get to enjoy the wonderland of thrill rides and fun activities. The park's creator may have designed the park because he was inspired by the fact that there is literally no other park of this nature, he made it a point to keep it open for normal children too. The whole idea is amazing because this is where children are exposed to those with special needs and vice versa. We promise you that it will be a heartwarming and eye-opening experience.
Older children and teenagers might prefer other more exciting theme parks, mind you but we think this is the kind of place they need to see and experience at least once in their lifetime.
Peace of mind and sending memories back home
Morgan's Wonderland uses a GPS Adventure Band which is a band that they will hand you upon admission. The band is absolutely unique only to the user for the day and is linked to the park's universal GPS and people-tracking system. The RFID wristband helps visitors locate members and help find them. On top of that, the system lets you take instant photos at the machines and send them back home via email.
What makes this theme park different from others is that it is built to emphasize the concept of 'inclusion'. They really want everyone to come enjoy the rides and the park's facilities without anyone feeling left out. So, if you have a child with special needs, this is the sort of place whereby they will feel get to enjoy everything the park's got to offer without you needing to explain to them why they can't be a part of the party.

Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill (Dallas)

Friday, September 20. 2013

dallas party bus rental

If you are looking for a nice comfortable diner to have a celebratory meal with your loved one, birthday dinner for your family member or a corporate meeting-cum-dinner in Dallas, give Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill a shot. The ambiance is pretty much reminiscent of olden 1940s steakhouse, which makes the whole experience very somber and cosy. The feature of this restaurant is (no surprise at all) the traditional open wooden grill and their specialty of mastering the art of preparing some of the best seafood that your tastebuds will get to enjoy remains unchallenged. 

Make no mistake about it, Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill have won raving reviews from industry experts and critics alike - if you are interested, just head over to Yelp, Tripadvisor, Dallas Life Blog, City of Ate and Entree Dallas and take a look at their positive reviews. 
Kenny’s is open to guests from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11am for lunch right down to dinner and closing at around midnight. If you ever get the chance to enjoy the meals coming out of this restaurant’s kitchen, we strongly believe that the French Onion soup itself (which is an entree and side order) will blow your mind. The authenticity of the recipes is actually the highlight of the meal. Clam Chowder Boston Style chowder is a must-try too. The diner boasts of some of the best Adult Mac and Cheese on this side of Dallas and surely not to be missed. Foodies’ minds will be blown by drinks coming from the full bar too. For those who are unsure about what drinks to order (there is just simply an amazing array of drinks to order), do not be afraid to ask the waiters and waitresses give you the heads up. They, after all, have been trained to serve customers and provide assistance whenever they can in order to make customers’ experience as memorable as possible. 
Being an extremely popular Dallas charter bus tourist attractions has its pros and cons....the pros - quality and the cons - crowd. It is best to make a reservation if you intend to visit during the weekend, for dinner or are coming in a large crowd (more than 3 persons) in order to avoid disappointment.
Some customers contend that the main attraction for Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill is actually the Popover bread instead of their Mac and Cheese...to each his own but the Popover bread is a definitely winner with many of our Dallas charter bus customers. 
In the meantime, if you are looking around for a charter bus rental company in Dallas, US Coachways would love to be at your service.

Holocaust Museum Houston

Wednesday, September 4. 2013

houston party bus rental

Houston, being the fourth largest city in the United States, have loads to offer tourists and visitors during their Houston party bus visit but one of the few that our customers truly recommend would be the Holocaust Museum of Houston. The sprawling city is almost always humming with energy and life, and we know that it makes more sense to visit places with a more positive energy, but the Holocaust Museum is truly one of its kind and this is pretty much one of the biggest and most extensive one.

What the Holocaust Museum aims to do is to educate visitors about past prejudice and help remind us that in order to survive, we need to change the way we think about tolerance. The exhibits are mind-blowing, rare, and educational at the same time. We think kids and teenagers who are exposed to how the way used to work tend to be more mature in thinking. 
The museum showcases a nicely put-together film that tells you a story of this historical event. And while at the museum, visitors will get to see a real life rescue boat which was used to rescue those affected by the Holocaust. The World War II railcar is also another interesting exhibit to learn about because during World War II, the car was used to transport victims and workers to concentration camps. 
Having opened its doors in 1996, the museum’s been receiving much praise and recognition for its role in the society. If you take a look at some of the messages and notes left behind for the organization which were written by kids who visited the museum, you will see that the visit have made them think and make life-changing decisions. It opened up their minds about things that they were too busy to think about, all thanks to technology and the internet. 
The museum has a Permanent Exhibit area which is called the Beating Witness, A Community Remembers area. Doubtlessly, the main exhibit area tells you the stories of those who survived the Holocaust and their first-hand information. Some of these survivors are living within the Houston metropolitan and surrounding area. The visit will also open your mind to Nazim and Adolf Hitler’s life and how he rose and came into power. 
What is more important about the visit is that they gave visitors a chance to see how collaborators, workers, and survivors worked together to salvage whatever they could salvage and started from scratch. The tour ends with a short film summarizing all that you have seen during the tour - Voices and Voices II.

Two Extreme Eating Options in Chicago

Thursday, August 29. 2013

chicago party bus rental

The problem with dining in downtown Chicago is not the lack of choices and options, the problem would be everyone will, at some point in their search for the best restaurant to head to, would be the feeling of being overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices. Chicago locals are, frankly, rather passionate and proud of the culture and culinary uniqueness. The first day that you are on your Chicago party bus rental trip, you ought to search out a local diner or restaurant and check out what the locals like. Once that is done, you can pretty much depend on the internet, your guide book or travel blogs to find other restaurants that you would like to try out. And since you are making use of a party bus, why not cruise around and hit a random one?

As we all know, Chicago was the hub for the beef trade and this historical fact has left an impact on the modern restaurant scene. It is perfect for meat lovers. 
As far as hot dogs go, Hot Doug’s got the perfect dish for you. We will not say or term this restaurant as ‘down-market’ but here, you will get to sample some of the best hot dogs in Chicago. The atmosphere is very relaxed, local and unpretentious so, you can literally let your hair down and simply eat your mouth-watering selection from the menu. Of course, there is no doubt about the fact that the menu brings you traditional sausage dishes like the green relish but it is also filled with options that are exotic, roasted, served with an abundance of cream and cheese, healthy goji-berry and maybe with a dash of tantalizing mayonnaise. The owner of Hot Doug’s usually serves up some duck-fat fries on Fridays and Saturdays, so, this would be the best time to head over to this fanfare-free outlet. Be warned that there are days when the waiting line is seemingly endless. 
While Hot Doug’s is a simple and fanfaire-less affair, eating at Alinea is completely different. It comes with being rated on of the world best restaurants. And it comes with a truly magical atmosphere as well. At Alinea, the staff has been trained to give every single one of their Chicago party bus rental customers an exceptional, royal reception....no less. Instead of the usual walk-in, the customers are first treated to a pine-tree-filled hallway which gives off a very serene feeling. What makes eating at Alinea is this...the element of surprise. You do not ‘order’ your food and instead, you are presented with 24 or 12 (depending on which course you are paying for) different items to try out. The fun thing about eating out like this is that no two experience is the same. The chef makes the call and you are there to be served...just the way royalty are. 
So, go ahead and give these two extremely different restaurants a shot and see if it helps make your Chicago party bus rental vacation a lot more satisfying and fun.

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve (Florida)

Wednesday, August 28. 2013

florida party bus rental

Despite being blessed with some of the most awesome, gorgeous and doubtlessly blessed natural places in the world, metropolitan life is definitely doing some damage to Mother Nature’s gift to Florida. For example, in 1976, a group of students went into some forested wetlands and observed that environmental concerns and issues were beginning to eat at Florida’s wildlife and nature. Therefore, they took it upon themselves, calling themselves the Monday Group, to do something about...to preserve a small part of nature that they wish remain untouched. The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve lets you walk slowly through under the shade of cypress trees while learning something new about Florida’s history and culture. The fresh air is....we promise you...something that you will miss once you make it back into the city.

Six Miles is a true Fort Myers gem because it gives visitors an insight into how these wetlands, land that have been seemingly left untouched, provides hidden benefits to life such as natural purification of water and storage too. These natural sites, as you will learn during the tour, provides a very natural control for floors and needless to say, it is home to rare animals and birds. 
For those who are not into the whole ‘nature’ thing do not have to worry about getting all dirty and being bored. This great boardwalk has a very natural shade and is comfortable even in the hot summer heat. The little ones will get to come up close and personal with animals that they usually get to see in a zoo setting and if you are lucky, there will be alligator, wild boar and bird sightings.
There are guides present in each of those locations to tell you what to look out for when you are there. The boardwalk has undergone heavy maintenance in the past and is incredibly modern and organized so, don’t worry about fallen tree branches and rubbish...volunteers and park workers are extremely diligent in keeping the park clean and safe for Florida party bus rental visitors. 
For what it is worth, bring the kids and elderly people here for a languid walk in a natural setting. Strolling through, you will soon be immersed in nature and lets you hang out with the people that you love. After the short walk, which usually takes under an hour, lets you unwind and connect you with nature. There is something very, very precious about an experience like that. 
In the meantime, if you are looking around for reliable, professional and affordable Florida party bus rental services and packages, please feel free to head over to our gallery page to explore your options.

Paint and Party Away at ArtJamz (Washington DC)

Tuesday, August 27. 2013

washington dc party bus rental

1728 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington DC 20009

ArtJamz is precisely what it says it is - a place to paint, creatively express yourself while jamming to some music and sipping your favorite drink. It is one of the first of its kind, and it was a novel idea to combine hanging out with painting under one roof. Being one of the original public art and painting studio cum bar and lounge was something the owners thought would be fun. It is what we do at home but why not have a place where large groups of people can do the same thing while hanging out.
ArtJamz, which was launched in 2010, aims to be a roving pop-up paint party so, it is perfect for large San Diego party bus gatherings, parties and also a place to learn from professionals. There are now various other establishments that have opened up all around Washington DC but Art Jamz used to be the only original one in this nook of the town. 
The best thing is that the studio provides for everything, just come as you like and make use of their abundant supply or art items. They have the setting all set up, music ready to play, works of art ready for purchase, supplies to be used and a cool and comfortable setting for visitors to enjoy. 
Creative Enablers are the trained painters and artists who are there to guide, give advice, and also to encourage others who are interested in art. Sometimes, they activate other centers which are in Dupont and Crystal City but sometimes, for the fun of it, there are random pop-up ArtJamz in other cool areas around the town. 
The cool thing about hanging out at places like ArtJamz is that you are not rushed and do not have to finish your artwork within a specific number of hours. You do it your way...slowly, languidly, and without stress. Stress is a huge creative killer, we might like to add. 
Some people might get worried if they should visit ArtJamz if they are not really into art...being artistically trained and inclined is not a prerequisite. The friendly staff are absolutely fun, engaging, relaxed and inspiring. There will be other groups around, just like there would be in a formal lounge and bar, but it is not usually very crowded, especially during weekdays. Therefore, we strongly encourage Washington DC party bus rental visitors to give the center a call before heading over on a weekend.

Flour Bakery (Boston)

Tuesday, August 27. 2013

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A:12, Farnsworth St., FL 1, Boston, MA
T: 617-338-4333
W: FlourBakery.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flour-BakeryCafe/160143804024972?ref=ts&fref=ts
T: https://twitter.com/jbchang

A simple name, a simple business motto of ‘Make life sweet...eat dessert first’ does not make the desserts and this establishment a simple one. In terms of lunch and breakfast fares, they are great for quick meals but their focus remains to be the mouth-watering stuff coming out from the kitchen ovens. From oversized, smooth chocolate truffles to tantalizing lemon curd cakes, from freshly-brewed coffee and tarts made from freshly picked raspberries, Flour Bakery is definitely a place to satiate your sweet tooth. 
On top of giving you a feeling of home food, the servers make it a point to help you create and make your own salad and sandwiches. The staff are friendly and helpful even when they are dealing with the huge breakfast and lunch crowds. Is this place kid-friendly? Absolutely, yes, there will be something suitable for the little ones too and we bet they are going to easily fall in love with all the mouth-watering options. The point here is that the stuff are made fresh...the kind of freshness that one can feel in every single bite as they sink their teeth into their selected dessert. 
For those who are wondering, the business has a good rapport with their regular customers who are usually there for their breakfast and lunch and that is when the crowd is. The business enjoys pretty brisk business from commuters who are on their way to or from work. It is your usual sandwich, coffee and tarts to go before work or home eatery but they do have seats for people who wish to eat in. Flour Bakery was given the Certificate of Excellence 2013 and most of their regulars would completely agree that they deserve the award. They have been consistent in their delivery and performance and have showed genuine care about what their customers want when they pop by.
What is really surprising about the place is that the tea time crowd is quite huge too with many people coming in from the offices and surrounding area for their midday dessert and coffee fixes, which is after 3pm and around 4pm so, if you decide to head over at this time, expect a packed restaurant. 
While they are big on their coffee and tea, their focus would not be on the juices. However, when eating in, the restaurant offer a great waterfront view too, so, grab a friend, colleague or a fellow traveler and come have a taste of some of the best desserts and drinks that this place has to offer. There are 3 outlets in Boston downtown area alone and 1 in Cambridge.
In the meantime, please do give US Coachways Inc. a call to find out how we can customize your Boston party bus rental event and help make it a smooth-sailing one. We would love to hear from you soon.

First Stop, Philly’s Independence Visitor Center

Sunday, August 25. 2013

philadelphia party bus rental

Often times, we hit a new city that we have never been to randomly and not know what to do and where to go. One shall not waste such precious time when trying to explore as many different attractions in Philadelphia and the best way to beat this time-wasting problem is to hit the Independence Visitor Center the very moment we arrive in Philadelphia. The center is located conveniently at the National Historical Museum so, before heading anywhere else, we strongly suggest visiting the center for some information and suggestions. 

In fact, if you have questions, all you need to do is to visit their website at http://www.phlvisitorcenter.com/, there is a app on the homepage of the site where visitors can pose questions to the live agents or tweet them up. Answers are almost instant and is live. The Independence Visitor Center is also the convenient mid-point between (naturally) the National Historical Park, the city of Philadelphia, the Southern New Jersey and Delaware River Waterfronts. For those who are arriving during the night, you might find the visitor center closed but lets give them a hand for being there for Philadelphia party bus rental visitors on Twitter. Yes, according to sources, the people manning the Twitter account @PHLVisitorCntr k eep a tab on the account around the clock. 
Making this the first stop when you have kids makes sense too because the staff will keep the kids occupied with some simple activities while you explore the brochures, websites, flyers and available info. The kids who complete the activities given to them will get the chance to earn themselves a park ranger badge. The great thing about making this your first stop is that these handy information is not available anywhere else...yes, you could hit the internet and look things up on your own but nothing beats the lowdown on Philly like how the locals know. And besides, there is absolutely no way to moderate or verify the information that we find on the internet whereas, we are given solid details and suggestions from the experienced staff. 
The Visitor Center is at the center of many historical landmarks and you would want to know which direction and attraction should be visited instead of wasting your time going round and round in a city that you are unfamiliar with. The whole historical area is done up really nice and is well-maintained and has earned itself a name as one of the best visitor center in the country. 
So, take heed of the advice given to you by some of our well-travelled Philadelphia party bus rental customers and in the meantime, if you are hunting down the best Philadelphia charter bus, coach charter, mini bus, party bus or a double-decker bus in Philadelphia, we welcome questions via email, online social networking accounts and telephone. Hope to hear from you soon.

Eating Out At Atlantic City’s Mortons The Steakhouse (NJ)

Tuesday, August 20. 2013

new jersey party bus rental

Morton’s history as one of the best steakhouses in the country goes back long time ago and it comes with quite an interesting story too. You see, Morton’s chain of restaurants began before the owners knew each other...both were working in the same establishment but with Klaus Fritsch working the kitchen. The restaurant was about to change some of the items they had on the menu and Arnie Morton was there to give the new food items a try. 

To cut a long story short, Klaus Fritsch came up with a burger that they now call the Million Dollar Hamburger and Arnie Morton was completely sold, dramatically bursting through the kitchen doors to happily demand to see who made the hamburger. 
And as we all know it, the rest is history. 
Now, Morton have more than 70 restaurants in all parts of the country and is hanging onto their reputation like nothing else. They have been consistent in maintaining the quality and works hard at giving genuine hospitality to each and every single one of their customers. Although Morton’s beginnings had its roots in the Million Dollar Hamburger, today, the Morton that we have today, is better known for the phenomenal steak.
Some would argue that it is not the best place in Atlantic City for those who are on a budget, let’s just say that you get what you paid for. The portion is huge and they give royalty treatment to all their customers who come from all walks of life. 
And you know the restaurant is serious about their food when they are one of the few partners who got together to fund Morton’s Chef Choice, a scholarship program that supports future top chefs. It is important for restaurants to make a profit but this establishment understands that dreams of these young chef-wannabes are important as well. Morton also released the ‘Morton’s Steak Bible’ which is a recipe book. The book is selling in many bookstores and also on Amazon. 
For those who overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices you will have at this restaurant, go ahead and ask one of the wait staff, they are incredibly friendly and will helpfully point you in the right direction. The recommended dishes include the Beef Short Rib and Scallops, Mac and Cheese with Bacon, Matchstick Fries with Truffle Oil, Cajun Ribeye, and of course, let’s not forget the steak. 
The ambiance is cozy, romantic and perfect for couple dinners. Make no mistake about it, it is also kid-friendly but the overall experience is more for business meetings, corporate gatherings, VIP dinners, special occasions, and celebrations between friends and family.